1892 lottery

In addition to our fund raising activities, sponsorship and club events we need regular income all year round so we can continue to invest in our facilities and in our player development. This is where our 1892 Lottery is invaluable. 

Wroxham supporters can donate £5 to the lottery once a month by filling in the Standing Order mandate form. We’ll do the rest.

For every £5 entry you will receive 1 number in the monthly draw. (e.g. £10 = 2 entries, £25 = 5 entries).

The winner of the draw which takes place on the first day of every month receives 50% of the total amount paid into the scheme the previous month so if £500 paid in you get £250! Winners will be announced on twitter, facebook and on our website.

Please fill in the form and hand it to an official of Wroxham Football Club or better still set up online using the details on the mandate form.lottery mandate