Talking Ross and Toasty

Immediately following the Wivenhoe game, Press Officer Adrian Gowling caught up with Joint Managers’ Ross Potter and Tom Parkes for their views on the season so far.


From the off it was a really really good performance, all over the pitch played with hunger and desire. From minute 1, we were superior all over the park. The boys listened to everything we gave them at training on Thursday. Again today, we played a slightly different shape. I thought that the shape paid off and the boys took on board what we were trying to get across. Credit to Tom with his coaching on Thursday. Obviously, he got across exactly the message for today. I think really the only disappointment was we didn’t get more goals. You have to be careful what you wish for though. It was a great performance.


Continued good work for me. Thought the performance against Histon in the 1st half was good which went to a stalemate in the 2nd half. We kept a really good clean sheet though. In the FA Cup, the performance didn’t get what we deserved with our chances. We were forced into 2 tactical changes that we didn’t want to make due to injury which cost us the goal at the end of the game. Against Yarmouth, although it was a little bit ropey at the start, I felt once we scored the goal we were in complete control. We learnt that in football gamesmanship is something we need to wise up to. It’s part of the game.  Yarmouth were able to play on the referee’s youth and inexperience. Credit to Yarmouth. To get a player sent off was something they managed to get done. If we had kept 11 men, we would have won the game.

Today with 11 men on the pitch, we looked solid with another clean sheet. Although we scored 4, our chance conversion should have reflected 10 rather than 4 on the basis of play. I am delighted we are fielding so many 19 and Under 21 year olds in our squad. They’re learning really quickly and it bodes well for the future of the football club. Unlike some teams in our level and the level above, we can’t afford to pay big money and buy the best players. So, we have to nurture up and coming talent and work with that. It makes our job a lot harder. People need to remember that this year when we are rebuilding.


Gilfeddar getting off the mark today is a big positive. Ross missed a lot of pre-season which is why he hasn’t had as many minutes as he would have got otherwise and that’s good for him to get off the mark. That gives us two strikers, Pete Wiltshire has done well since he has come on board, but it would have been difficult to take all the burden as a young lad so having two strikers who are firing is great.

We have Michael Sommerfield, Adam Smith and Lewis Wallace to return to that group. Smith should be back in training this week, Sommerfield is seeing a physio today so we should know the extent of his injury, Wallace is away travelling but should be back next month.IMG_0235

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