Yachtsmen Crash Stags Party

Mundford 2 Wroxham 3

A late revival was not enough to earn a spirited Mundford any reward as Wroxham’s Thurlow Nunn outfit sailed perilously close to throwing away a game they had seemingly wrapped up early in the second half.  Entering he last ten minutes with a  three goal cushion with goals from Bond (2) and a pearler from captain Matthews, manager Tom Parke’s decision to take off a few stalwarts and change the shape of the team almost backfired as Mundford came steaming back with two late goals and almost nicked an equaliser but for good save from Viner.

Missing regulars, Smith, Sweeney and Swatman along with injuries to Bussen, Somerfield and Plumstead a revamped Wroxham were bettered in the firtst half but when a chance was missed for 4 nil and two enforced substitutions with injuries to Wiltshire and cook the game turned against a Yachtsmen side clearly folding down the main sails.

With 83 on the clock a great finish clawed a goal back and a fne move and finish made it 3 -2 . The yachtsmen still had chances but saw the game out with Deekes returned to the defence and Parke breathing huge sigh of relief.

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