Milligan pulls out the stops but Woodpeckers get the win

Connor Milligan’s performance against Woodbridge drew widespread praise

Wroxham were expected to climb higher in the table today as they took on strugglers Woodbridge.

Promotion chasers Wroxham have been in good form recently and looked to extend it today. Following Lappin’s match ban, he returned for today’s clash at Trafford Park.

Early explosion of power from Nyadzayo, his shot flew wide of the goalkeepers right post. Cruise was keen to tear up the right wing again, as he has scored 2 in 2.

Good confident start from the Yachtsmen. Keeley found space out on the left wing and drilled the ball into the unmarked Wiltshire who poked it straight at goal but the shot was matched with a great save by the goalkeeper. If Wiltshire  hit it anywhere but the centre of the goal, Wroxham would’ve found themselves one nil up. Missing these chances would seem costly as in this league, we need as many goals as we can get.

Milligan denied Sinclair from taking an early lead for Woodbridge, his shot was expertly saved by Wroxhams man in form. Milligan saved the first shot but the rebound landed to Sinclairs feet, his shot was heading for the bottom corner but so was Milligan’s foot – great save!

In the 25th minute, Gee’s powerful shot for Wroxham was saved comfortably by the goalkeeper, his shot really stinging the palms of Stronge.

Milligan again produced a good save to deny Trotter from firing in an opener to upset the Yachtsmen. Wroxham have got to pressure the Woodbridge attack  because in attacking situations, they looked dangerous.

Woodbridge produced a spell of pressure on the Wroxham defence, we couldn’t seem to clear our lines. Attack after attack, storms were ahead from the Yachtsmen. Keeley was released one on one with the goalkeeper but the goalkeeper closed down his lines, his shot was comfortably saved.

Early into the second half, Milligan somehow kept the score 0-0, keeping the game still in Wroxham’s grasp. The header from the Woodbridge attacker was superbly tipped onto the bar, it seemed certain that it was going in. World class stuff from the young Connor Milligan!

Lack of communication between the defenders and Wroxham found themselves lucky. The attacker slipped in front of an open goal. The failed clearance from Milligan, rebounded off of the defender and thankfully cleared to safety. Very dangerous play from Wroxham, times seem desperate for the yachtsmen.

Header from Mackenzie well saved by Milligan. Despite the blip five minutes ago, he had a great game. Edwards for Woodbridge slipped past our left back and lined it through to Mackenzie who missed a chance from inside the 6 yard box. Woodbridge taking their chances and are controlling this game.

Then came a Magnificent save from Milligan at his top right corner! A great shot from the edge of the area was tipped onto the bar from a flying Milligan! What a game he is having today. Cruise not being given the ball well enough. If they feed him through so that he can beat the right back, we would’ve been one nil up. Wroxham need to play the ball to each other along the floor not in the air because of the lack of possession in the opposing half.

Mackenzie for Woodbridge finally broke the deadlock to go one up. He beat Gee for pace and fired past Milligan into the roof of the net. Milligan unable to stop this one. Well deserved for Woodbridge. Wroxham lacking control in the second half, too many fouls keep getting conceded.

Woodbridge by far the better team today, great performance from Milligan, onto the next!

Aston Cosford.

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