Jockeys fall to Natty thunderbolt

cropped-wfc-logo.pngWroxham returned to Trafford Park to host the Thurlow Nunn fixture against Newmarket Town on a rainy Saturday, writes Aston Cosford.

The Yachtsmen looked to bounce back from their 4-2 loss in the League Cup at Kirkley last week. The weather, clearly not in our favour, but this was the calm before the storm.

Lack of composure in the first 5 minutes, majority of passes lead to loss of possession. Both teams grasped at thin air. However Wroxham started crank up the gears slightly as passing improved and testing shots were produced, but well contained by Newmarket. 30 minutes gone, shocking weather meaning all players struggled to keep the ball under control. Both teams seemed relatively equal, with neither team able to get a shot on goal. The first real attack of the game went for Newmarket as 8 managed to trickle into the box, his shot looked to find its way into the bottom corner off of a strong deflection but it was just far enough to spare Macrae’s blushes. Minutes before halftime, the Yachtsmen broke the deadlock and went 1-0 up from a delightful goal from Stewart. The bombardment of pressure from the Wroxham attack lead to Stewart being able to cut left outside the box and fire a thunderbolt into the bottom right of the Newmarket net. He couldn’t have hit that any better!

Wroxham had a fantastic start to the second half, Newmarket unable to find any of the ball. The ball landed to Lappin’s feet outside Newmarket’s area, his rocket of a shot stung their keepers palms with immense power. In the 52nd minute, a Newmarket attack appeared out of nowhere. A goalmouth scramble was luckily cleared by the Wroxham defence, the ball could’ve landed anywhere but luck was on the Yachtsmen side. Quite a repetitive game as both sides unable to create many attacking chances. This is because many of the passes have been cut out early and possession has been regularly lost for either side. Holt made an early impact to this game as his pacy, yes you heard me right, pacy run down the wing was followed up with an in swinging cross which picked out Nyadzayo who attempted a fly header, this landed just wide of the goal. Now it was Newmarket’s time to crank up the pressure, the ball constantly bouncing around the Wroxham box, dangerous times for the Yachtsmen – but as always we came prepared.

A great 1-0 win for the Yachtsmen in terrible conditions. Up and up we rise in the league! UTY!

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