Busy Bussens Returns to Haunt Yachtsmen

Norfolk fa
Wroxham’s participation in the County FA’s prestigious cup competition ended on Saturday at the hands of local rivals Norwich United.


The two views of Saturday’s full-blooded local derby in the Norfolk Senior Cup firstly from Aston Cosford and then Darren Wiseman.


On the second ‘non – league day’ of the season, Wroxham took on neighbours Norwich United in a Senior Cup tie which would portray a fierce derby. Following the 5-1 win for the Yachtsmen last Saturday, we were on a good run of form and containing a great amount of energy throughout the squad.


Very positive start for United as they found themselves 1-0 up in the first minute. The defence were left sleeping and consequently United were gifted a simple one on one.

Despite Wroxham giving a great effort on attack, United broke and 9 found the back of the net for 2-0. Wroxham definitely don’t deserve to be 2-0 down, controlling the game well.

In the 24th minute Wroxham got back with a goal of their own. Following a cross from a corner, Stewart blasted one home from the edge of the box. Stewart still looking as lively as ever, continuing his good form of goals from outside of the box.

Just before the end of the first half Macrae became a very lucky man. A cross into the centre was fumbled by him but the follow-up was well cleared by Gee. Macrae has to always stay alert and must be committed when proceeding towards a cross.


The first 10 minutes of the second half, Wroxham showed their eagerness to fight a way back into this anticipated derby, which they were currently 2-1 down in. Then the Yachtsmen almost struck gold. Stewart drilled a dangerous cross into the far side of the box, the ball passed the keeper but the ball was too far for Carey to find a nudge into the goal. But yet again, Wroxham pumped up the pressure more and more as the game progressed, Burrage struck a rocket towards the top of the goal but was well saved. Then took place a goalmouth scramble. The ball seemed destined to find its way into the back of the net, but the ball continued to bounce around the box, it seemed so close for the Yachtsmen, but yet so far. But then to top off an unfortunate day for Wroxham, Jackson for United scored a simple goal, completely against the run of play. All three goals for United have been from counter attacks today, this style of play has worked very efficiently for United.










Wroxham 1 Norwich United 3

If you had missed the first and last 10 minutes of Saturdays match, but only watched the seventy minutes in between, you would not have believed that the final score was 3-1 to the visitors, writes Darren Wiseman.

The Yachtsmen continued their fine passing football of the last few weeks, but unfortunately this was book ended by some very costly lapses, as the Planters executed their game plan to perfection.

The Yachtsmen came into the match full of confidence and started with George Macrae in goal. Kieran Smith and Mac Gee were starting full backs alongside Chris Skipper and Isaac Burrage. Shaun Taylor and Captain Harley Black were in central midfield, with Joe Keeley and Jordan Bond out wide. Sonny Carey started in the attacking number 10 position, with Nathan Stewart up front.

Norwich United got us under way, and immediately it was the visitors who were on the front foot. The Planters won an early corner, which was cleared, but the respite was only momentary as the ball was returned, setting Craig Bussens free, one on one with Macrae, and his lofted finish nestled softly into the net.

The Yachtsmen looked shell shocked, and within 5 minutes the home team were nearly 2 down. Jackson lost his marker Chris Skipper, but as looked to run clear, Isaac Burrage came over to cover. This resulted in a goal kick, but the early exchanges were all about the physicality of the Planters.

Wroxham started to get the ball down and play. Jordan Bond was enjoying some success down the right, but as soon as Wroxham got a foothold in the game, they immediately lose it. Bussens again broke clear from defence, and runs fully 50 yards unchallenged down the left hand side. His low cross was perfect for Liam Jackson to slide in and finish from 4 yards for 2-0.

With the home script ruined, the rest of the first quarter of the game fell into a pattern. Wroxham had hold of the ball, but United looked the most likely to add to the scoring on the break. This pattern was broken however when the home side got back in the game.

On 23 minutes a ball was pumped into the Planters box and Chris Skipper rose highest to head it. The ball dropped to Stewart in the six-yard box. He finished into the bottom left corner and suddenly it felt like game back on.

Suddenly, it’s all about the Yachtsmen and they are now in the ascendancy. Joe Keeley this time is allowed to run into the penalty area, his ball in to the box ricochets around and strikes a defender’s hand, but the referee is not interested in any infringement. The game is alive, spiced up at this point with strong tackles flying in from both sides. It made for a difficult task for the referee to carry out.

George Watts-Sturrock finds his name in the referees notebook on 35 minutes. His strong tackle on Black after he had won the ball back from Applegate indicative of a combative end of the 1st half.

The game watched by 278 supporters is a full-blooded cup tie and great to watch, but with Wroxham unable to break down a stubborn and courageous visiting team, the local rivals went in at half time with the scores at 1-2, and with all to play for.

The Yachtsmen got us under way for the second half and immediately they carried on where they left off, with lots of possession. But after a half time team-talk they now added a threat to their position. Joe Keeley and Sonny Carey stood out for the home side as they turned up the pressure.

Unfortunately, no clear-cut chances came as Eastaugh and Barker stood firm for the Planters. With no joy coming their way, Wroxham made some changes with Lappin and Wilkinson coming on for Keeley, who had had a good game, and for Shaun Taylor. It was Lappin who delivered a dangerous ball in from a free kick following a foul on Harley Black, but as they had all half United defended manfully.

On 70 minutes, this manful defending was sorely tested. Skipper won a header in the box from a cross, but his connection was weak and watched by goalkeeper Luke Pearson as it went by his post. Nathan Stewart then tried his luck. Set free to use his pace again he got into the box but his low drilled cross was deflected wide. The resulting corner saw a shot deflected wide, but the next corner brought the home sides best chance for an equaliser. The ball in eventually found Burrage, and his volley from 10 yards was tipped over by Pearson to deny the home side what their pressure might have justified.

As so often with football though, if you don’t take your chance, it can come back to haunt you, and on this occasion it happened almost straight away. Bussens again chased down a lost cause down the right, got the ball and steadied himself to again pick out Jackson sliding in to seal the game.

Wroxham kept going, but Norwich United proved too tough a nut to crack. They kept going but the goals, or even chances, would not come. Jordan Southgate threw on Cruise Nyadzayo but even he was unable to produce the spark to ignite.

The final whistle saw great excitement for the visitors, but for the Yachtsmen its back to league duties on Wednesday evening. A trip to Woodbridge and the aim to consolidate their league position. It was still a special afternoon, with Radio Norfolk in attendance, and the large crowd saw a cracking game.

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